Do You Subscribe?

Art Direction / Design / Motion / Social / Display

The Australian Financial Review

Stand up

Take action

In 2021, the Australian Financial Review (AFR) launched the second iteration of its creative platform, ‘Do You Subscribe?’, encouraging Australians to take control. We took over the initial concepts from the ATL agency, developing the Art Direction and production of campaign assets.



bringing it to life

Behind the scenes

We leveraged extensive 3D animations to bring each theme to life. First, we modelled individual elements to look like the real thing. Then we animated dynamic elements, like the tennis net, to create realistic, fluid movement. Finally, we worked on the camera angles to bring it all together.

Podcast ads

With draft scripts in hand, we guided the recording sessions and brought the concepts to life through audio.

30s Kite

30s Ball

30s Sandcastle

In motion


Our dynamic animations made their way across social channels – from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn.

Kite 1:1

Ball 9:16

Start winning


There was nothing static about our display banners. Free-flowing, fluid animation brought the visual and copy elements together to really catch the eye and encourage people to subscribe.