A new brand for the greater good

Strategy / Planning / Creative / Production / Design / Motion

Active Super


Say hello to Active Super

After 24 years, Local Government Super wanted to grow beyond its local roots to become a fund for all of Australia. So, they rebranded to Active Super.
SLIK helped the super fund navigate its digital business transformation and bring their new brand to market with an integrated launch campaign.


A new brand positioning

Active Super holds a competitive edge over other funds through its responsible investing, delivering solid long-term returns while also having a positive impact on the environment and society. This led to our brand positioning, ’The super fund for the greater good’.

Launch TVC

30-second TVC

Our launch spot introduces Active Super as the new old kid on the block. A catchy tune, fun characters and fluid animation bring the world of ‘The greater good’ to life, celebrating the power of responsible investments.

Business Transformation

A super for the new age

We helped Active Super work out where they wanted to be as a business, developing the final roadmap for them to reach their ambitious goals. Our member-centric approach informed where the organisation needed to grow and adapt to broaden its appeal to more members.


Over three years, we’ll be guiding Active Super on their journey, helping them to deliver better value with new digital products, while building brand recognition and awareness at the same time.

Above the line


Big, bold headlines, bright colours and eye-catching characters all worked together to attract the attention of passers-by. Our OOH campaign ran in the Sydney CBD, Newcastle and Hunter area, and further south in Illawarra.

hitting the airwaves


Over the airwaves of NSW radio stations and on Spotify, we inspired and encouraged listeners to take action. We saw an opportunity to run a more rhythmic version on Spotify, to fit in with the platform’s environment.




The big picture

Brand video

We scripted and developed a long-form online video that introduces the new brand, its mission and its purpose. It’s hosted on the Active Super website and can also be found on their social channels.

Stop the scroll


Our happy characters made their way across social, further spreading Active Super’s greater good message to a more targeted audience.


At Active Super, we actively seek out responsible investments that have a positive impact on your retirement saving and the world. That's greater good. 📈🌱

The winds of change are here 🍃. Change with them, with the super fund that will invest your money responsibly. That's good for your retirement savings as well as the world 💛.

Say 👋 to Active Super. We've come a long way since 1997, starting out from our NSW local government roots to becoming the leading super fund in responsible investing. One for all of Australia 🇦🇺

Local Newspapers


The long-form nature of print ads allowed us to hammer home the decades of experience and proof of performance Active Super already had.



Our colourful illustrations and greater good story were brought to life in programmatic, too, capturing the attention of users on relevant websites.

Display Banners